Why Make the Trade?

Are you thinking of getting a newer vehicle? Or maybe you just have a used vehicle you don’t need sitting on your driveway? Selling it yourself can be a real problem. It comes down to whether you happen to find the right buyer, and ends with questions about whether you got the deal you deserved. Who has time to stress out over missed opportunity? We know you certainly don’t.

All that time that your used vehicle is sitting in your driveway without a new owner, it is losing value and becoming less desirable. The chances of selling it for a great price diminish as the days go by. At Palmen Kia we don’t want this to happen to you. We want to take the stress and worry off your shoulders and help you get closer to the newer vehicle you want and need.

That is why we have our trade-in solution! This ends the questions and the uncertainty in selling your vehicle to a stranger. Here at Palmen, we know a lot about cars, and we want to help you out. All you need to do is to trade in your vehicle here for cash and the chance to put it towards your newer car. We win because we get to take your used car and find the perfect buyer for you, and you win because you walk away with the cash and no worries.

The first step in ending your used car worries it to fill out our simple trade-in form to give us a little information about your car. The form only takes a couple minutes and helps us to help you. We will use that information to put together an estimate of your vehicle’s trade-in value.

The second step is to read over your estimate and bring in your vehicle for a close-up estimate. Once we’ve taken a look at your vehicle, we will put together an official offer of trade-in value. This is what we will give you for your vehicle, and you can use it towards a newer car or take it home with you. The choice is yours!

Finally, your third step is to leave Palmen with cash in hand and a smile on your face. You decided to skip out on all the stress and uncertainty of selling your own vehicle. Now you have the option of keeping the cash or using it to get a newer vehicle to drive around in. Newer cars are so efficient and full of features, that we are sure you will find the perfect fit for you. Bring in your trades to Palmen Kia and let us take the weight off your shoulders. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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