Retired Demo Cars in Kenosha, WI

Many car shoppers find themselves making the tough decision between a new car, or saving money and purchasing a used car. It can be tricky to choose a new car, as the price is higher, but a used car can offer issues from an unknown history. The good news is that there is a third option that many people don't consider. Retired demo vehicles are an excellent option for car shoppers looking to save money without sacrificing quality and modern features.

Shining and fresh, hardly even touched, these retired demo cars offer the best of both worlds. Exciting technology and excellent fuel economy ratings await those looking for a basically new car, without the new car sticker price! So, where can you get a closer look at these great deals? Take a look through our up-to-date inventory of retired demo cars at Palmen Kia.

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The Low Mileage You've Been Looking For!

Finding a used vehicle with low mileage is hard enough, but feeling confident in it's maintenance and repair can be even harder. Here at Palmen Kia, our retired demo vehicles have received regular and high quality maintenance from the very first day they rolled onto the dealership lot. The lower price and lower mileage come together inside a great-looking vehicle with all the modern convenience and design you've been hoping for.

The goal in offering these retired demo vehicles for such an excellent price is to ensure that the customers at Palmen Kia are able to drive home in a great vehicle that fits their budget. The team at Palmen Kia knows that the car shopping process can be stressful and full of questions, so should any arise, customers can always contact the sales team. Quick and easy financing is also available through specialized online tools.

Finance From the Comfort of Home

When you're ready to take the next step in the purchase of your retired demo vehicle, look no further than the convenient tools available here on the Palmen Kia website! From here you can get pre-approved for a vehicle loan, receive an estimate on the value of a trade-in vehicle, or even calculate your potential monthly car loan payments. The team at Palmen Kia is dedicated to helping you drive home in the car you've been looking for.