2015 Kia Rio 2015 Chevy Sonic
$13,990 MSRP $14,245
27 city/ 37 hwy Fuel Economy 26 city/ 35 hwy
1.6-L I-4 Engine 1.8-L I-4
6-speed manual Transmission 5-speed manual

2015 Kia Rio vs 2015 Chevy Sonic

The compact sedan is the popular new choice for drivers looking to save time and money at the gas station. Affordability and new technology has made these vehicles a great option for the everyday commute or trips around town. WHile they may not have an immense amount of cargo space or seats for the whole neighborhood, these small vehicles pack a punch and deliver the speed and capability where the everyday driver needs it. Today we will be comparing the 2015 Kia Rio vs 2015 Chevy Sonic to give you a chance to see which vehicle has the features and benefits to fit your lifestyle.

A quick look at the exterior shows two vehicles that are similar in shape and size. Even the places where accents and the grille are located seem similar. However, there is a more fluid and connected appearance in the exterior of the Kia Rio that isn’t present in the more one-dimensional and simple design of the Chevy Sonic. The headlamps alone give the vehicles two different looks. The smaller engine in the Kia Rio produces the same 138 horsepower as the Chevy Sonic, but with a slightly higher fuel efficiency rating of 27 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. The additional horsepower and efficiency combine to create a vehicle that will get you where you need to go a little quicker in the Kia Rio than in the Chevy Sonic.

Speed and Efficiency Together!

Getting where you need to go is not comfortable without the modern conveniences and technologies that make travel a truly easy experience. Media devices are easily used in the 2015 Kia Rio that features auxiliary, USB and the potential for Bluetooth. The stylish interior of the Rio features a more bold design that is sure to stand out in uniqueness and confidence among the sea of sedans on the roadway. Passengers and the driver are the main focus on a cabin that features comfortable high-quality cloth seating for 5, along with 2 power outlets for convenient charging of portable devices. With so many features and excellent efficiency ratings, it can be no surprise that the less expensive and beautifully designed 2015 Kia Rio steals the show wherever it goes.

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